Our Story

     We never do anything the "normal" way and you might think our timing is a little off, but hey, it works for us!

        My husband and I met when we were babies, well he was a baby and I was a toddler. Yes, I'm the older & definitely more mature one, but no, you can't call me a cougar yet, I'm barely the Flirty 30, you might call me a "snow leopard" instead. Anyway, our families moved far far away and I didn't catch up with him again until he was about to graduate from college and I was becoming quite the professional career gal/single momma. It was love at second sight and we were engaged within months, married just shy of a year. We've had our ups and downs and big shocker, we actually got divorced at one point before we remarried a month later, (honestly, what rockstar hasn't gone through that??) I will be the first to tell you though that the grace of God has MOVED in our lives and connects us together as a family more strongly than ever!

       After that previously mentioned bumpy road, my rockstar adopted big red, we got an adorable puppy, a house in the burbs, and there you go.
        But I digress, big red was born when I was a baby myself, 18 to be exact. Being a single teenage mom was the last thing I expected to happen to me and it was the most difficult time in my life. But with Jesus and encouragment and love of some amazing lady friends, sisters, & mentors, we made it through and I would say surprisingly successfully at that. I sincerely encourage those of you who find yourself in my situation, teen moms, young moms, single moms of all ages, even married moms who are struggling, to never give up hope! You can finish high school, you can finish college, you can have a career that will enable you to support yourself and your child! You don't have to depend on any man but The One Up There you know! In the meantime, I'll be glad to dispense advice, hugs, and any opportunities I can provide that can help you, freely.

      Now that we're "grown ups" our timing is still a little off. Our friends have finally gotten past their newlywed stages (whew!) but now they're on to the baby-making stage. Which.We.Are.Sooooo.Past. We have a Teenager. Do you know what that means? She is going to be baby-sitting their babies & driving off to college in a matter of minutes! It's going to kill me, I just know it.

      Instead of producing siblings for big red, we have expanded our family to include two furry babies. They are precious and they never cry or wake me up in the middle of the night! Our plan and hope to expand our family in the future includes adoption, and we are not particular regarding what age or sex or from what country. I believe every child deserves a loving family and Christ calls us to take care others, especially them. My daughter's lifelong best friend in the world was adopted from Russia. She is like a second daughter to me and I cannot imagine our lives without her.
      Since we got married we moved ALL around the South; our main form of exercise included packing boxes and moving furniture! But we have finally settled down (at least for a while) in a city we are IN LOVE with and are busy planning for big red's impending college experience.

    Our New Life includes family, friends, and lots of love! We still have a lot of goals we are striving to reach, we're all a work in progress right? So keep checking back often for posts on our weight loss progress, goals, & family triumphs.