Friday, April 20, 2012

Women, United!

It's common knowledge that there's been a  "debate" or a "contest" between working women and SAHMs for quite some time. Once again the media has sensationalized comments and opened up a ring so that this "issue" can rear its ugly head. As long as we allow this to happen, this situation will continue and as long as people continue to take sides this will be perpetuated.
I am imagining a world where all women love & support each other rather than arguing & justifying their positions, working or SAHM, creating a divide where none should exist! As women in general we can do it ALL whether we're married, single, whether or not we have kids! We should LOVE and SUPPORT each other! Why confine ourselves to categories and why perpetuate this divide? I'm so thankful we have a choice and a voice to do whatever we feel called to do!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lisa D and LAX

This time last year I was heading out to visit one of my favorite people and closest friends, Lisa D. This year I am truly missing her and the fabulous locale where she resides!

Hoping that I can take big red to visit her soon and give her a proper tour of tinsel town.

I think travel should play a key role in her coming of age and my hope is that she will not only share the friendship I have with Lisa, but also glean lessons I learned from travels throughout my life. I think Mark Twain perfectly captures what my sentiments would be, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

Traveling has always opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and reminds that even though our lives don't always turn out like a Disney Princess movie, it REALLY is a small world after all! :)

How often have I made new friends or even ran into someone I know in another city or state? Very often! On that trip last year the two of us grabbed lunch at a little sandwich shop just after she picked me up from the airport and guess who our waitor was? An old friend from our high school days, on the opposite side of the country! It reminds me that we are a significant part in God's plan for our world and in each other's lives; we are not just stuck here to only be born and live and die in the same place. We have the option to see and share in the world and its diversity and revel in the glory the Creator made for us.


I have to brag on big red a bit because not only do I think she's the greatest kid in the world, but every day she impresses me in a new way and I am so proud of her!

I have always tried to push her to be the opposite of me socially when I was her age (I was devastatingly shy) and encourage her in areas I excelled in (academically) and enjoyed (sports). So far I've been successful in creating a child who got in trouble for talking throughout elementary school, but now in middle school is condsidered a joy by teachers for her insightful ideas, participation, and leadership. She's still learning when to stop at home, as in arguing her points in why she should have the last word with me, shouldn't have to keep her room clean, or help with other household chores.....but she chooses to spend her free time in ways I approve of (reading, writing, educational programs), so she pretty much gets away with murder.

A few month's ago she was recognized by Duke's TIP program for outstanding SAT scores and was invited to take the ACT as a 7th grader, in which she attempted for the first time this past week. I'm estatic that she was asked to participate as she is following in my footsteps here as well. I didn't force her to prepare for the test, in fact, I didn't even break out the practice guide before. All I advised her of was that I took this in the 7th grade and that she would be okay, piece of cake. Two of her school buddies also took the test and both proclaimed to her after the test was over that they were amazed they stayed awake for the whole thing as their parents forced them to practice all night before and they were severely owing a sleep debt. Afterwards she confided in me that she wasn't stressed at all and actually enjoyed the test and agreed with me that when she retakes this test in high school she won't have the same stressful, nervous fears that might otherwise have had pervaded. No matter how she scores, I would call that success!