Friday, April 20, 2012

Women, United!

It's common knowledge that there's been a  "debate" or a "contest" between working women and SAHMs for quite some time. Once again the media has sensationalized comments and opened up a ring so that this "issue" can rear its ugly head. As long as we allow this to happen, this situation will continue and as long as people continue to take sides this will be perpetuated.
I am imagining a world where all women love & support each other rather than arguing & justifying their positions, working or SAHM, creating a divide where none should exist! As women in general we can do it ALL whether we're married, single, whether or not we have kids! We should LOVE and SUPPORT each other! Why confine ourselves to categories and why perpetuate this divide? I'm so thankful we have a choice and a voice to do whatever we feel called to do!

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