Friday, February 17, 2012

Lisa D and LAX

This time last year I was heading out to visit one of my favorite people and closest friends, Lisa D. This year I am truly missing her and the fabulous locale where she resides!

Hoping that I can take big red to visit her soon and give her a proper tour of tinsel town.

I think travel should play a key role in her coming of age and my hope is that she will not only share the friendship I have with Lisa, but also glean lessons I learned from travels throughout my life. I think Mark Twain perfectly captures what my sentiments would be, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

Traveling has always opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and reminds that even though our lives don't always turn out like a Disney Princess movie, it REALLY is a small world after all! :)

How often have I made new friends or even ran into someone I know in another city or state? Very often! On that trip last year the two of us grabbed lunch at a little sandwich shop just after she picked me up from the airport and guess who our waitor was? An old friend from our high school days, on the opposite side of the country! It reminds me that we are a significant part in God's plan for our world and in each other's lives; we are not just stuck here to only be born and live and die in the same place. We have the option to see and share in the world and its diversity and revel in the glory the Creator made for us.

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